What the heck is this??

The Awful Awesome Kids Coupon book contains 10 HUGELY EXCITING removable coupons (plus a bunch more you can customise for your own peculiar unique child). Slip them into birthday cards, Christmas stockings, or Hanukkah presents. Hand them out at graduation, or for that A+ report card.

Each coupon has 2 sides with an awesome option and an awful one.

Why two choices? Because choosing is half the fun! And while it might be tough to choose between A day home from school and A bowl of warm saliva soup our kids need to learn they can’t have everything .

And if a coupon is just too darn “awesome” to give your child, you can tone it down with fine print.  “A day home from school” can say “exam days not included”.  And if you’ve got a little darling who might pick the awful option just to mess with you (you’re not alone), nix the temptation with creative fine print like: “available only in Azerbaijan”.


Listen folks, in this world of stuff, and more stuff, and MOUNTAINS OF STUFF, we need other things to give our kids. Besides, kids don’t just want more stuff. They mostly want more time with you and freedom from you. Awful Awesome coupons are a super simple way to give them both.

And one more thing: Don’t dilute the magic! These coupons are best if given out INDIVIDUALLY – not all together as a whole booklet (hence 10 unique gifts). So maybe it’s a Dessert all day coupon for her birthday, and A week without chores coupon for Christmas, and a Stay up as late as you want coupon for passing that final math test. Each one is designed to make your child’s head explode with happiness. And who doesn’t want to see that multiple times?

What are INTELLIGENT people saying?

“This is the absolute best idea for gifts! Awful Awesome coupons is a booklet full of awesome and awful coupons that will make every kid smile! It’s so unique and trust me the kids will LOVE cashing these coupons in!” Montreal Travel Mom

“We tried these out last weekend and the results were overwhelming! My kids were definitely motivated to be the winner of the day’s previously agreed upon coupon.” Midnight Mom

“Coupons can be an awesome holiday gift. The Awful Awesome Kids Coupon Book has 14 coupons with charming and hilarious illustrations.” Montreal Families Magazine

“As a mom I am constantly faced with the growing desire for material acquisition from my children who are bombarded with ads and social media and peers telling them what they need next. The Awful Awesome coupon book is a playful tool to delight and reward your children without going to the mall.” Nancy R., Boston Massachusetts